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A simple taxonomy of stretch film

There is no uniform rule for the type classification of stretch film. There are five categories that people are used to:

1. According to the use of plastic film, there are agricultural stretch films (here, according to the specific use of stretch film, it can be divided into plastic film and greenhouse film); Packaging stretch film (packaging stretch film can be divided into food packaging stretch film and various industrial products packaging stretch film according to its specific use) and breathable film, water-soluble film and piezoelectric film for special use in special environment.

2. According to the forming method of stretch film, there is a stretch film that is extruded and plasticized and then blow molded, which is called blow molded film; After extrusion plasticizing, and then the molten material from the mold mouth flow to form the film, called the flow to stretch film; There are several rollers in the calender to roll the film made from the plasticizing material, called the calender stretch film.

3. According to the raw materials used for stretch film molding, there are polyethylene film, polypropylene film, PVC film and polyester film, etc.

4. A functional stretch film

5. Hand roll and machine roll

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