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Antistatic stretch film

Antistatic stretch film is also a practical antistatic packaging technology. Antistatic stretch film not only requires the material to have certain antistatic function, but also should be durable, heat resistant, light resistant, pressure resistant, chemical crystal resistant, economic, safety and other physical, mechanical, chemical properties and comprehensive according to technical economic performance. One of its best implementation plans is to adopt composite technology. Compound anti static stretch film has been widely used as packing bag, its structure characteristics, often with 2-3 layers blocking shield (the metal shielding layer USES the stretch film, conductive filler filled stretch film), the surface layer and the most inside layer generally use antistatic formulations of antistatic stretch film, this is the mainstream of the popular now and the future developing direction of the antistatic bag. In addition, resin with low resistance value is an industrial method to obtain antistatic films. For example, the polyethylene stretch film produced by polyvinyl alcohol resin with low resistance value is an antistatic stretch film with good performance (the surface resistance is about 200 ohms). In Japan, polyvinyl alcohol film is widely used in the sales packaging of textiles and clothing and other commodities (annual consumption is more than 10,000 tons). Compared with polyethylene, polypropylene and other universal stretch films, polyethylene stretch films can obviously reduce the vacuuming effect and improve the display effect of commodities. The preparation of antistatic stretch film with antistatic agent is the most widely used method for producing antistatic stretch film with obvious advantages of simple process, price and quality. The variety of industrialized antistatic agent amounts to more than dozens up to now.

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