Reasons for bad stretch of stretch film

Reasons for bad stretch of stretch film

The stretch film manufacturer sells directly here. The stretch film has always been popular in the process of using. But when we use stretch film, why is its stretching effect worse? Today we will give you a brief introduction of this knowledge!

When we are in the process of stretching, the effect will be worse, mainly because the heating plate is not enough, that is, the temperature does not match. If the temperature is too high, then the stretch film will stick to the heat sealing plate, increase the fog of the stretch film, and the stretching forming will appear partial thinner. When the heating temperature is too low, the heating temperature of the stretch film is too low to reach the drawing temperature of the stretch film, and thestretch film breaks more after stretching. In addition, if the drawing depth is too deep, then the effect of using it is easy to have problems, which need to be noticed.

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