virgin raw material stretch film smples freely

Lldpe stretch film is generally made by blow molding and flow. Lldpe stretch film has an even thickness, but is most widely used due to its high price and low cost. Lldpe stretch film is a transparent, shiny, soft film with excellent chemical stability, heat sealing, water and moisture resistance, resistance to freezing, can be boiled. Its main drawback is to the oxygen barrier is poor, often used in the composite flexible packaging materials of the inner film, and is currently the most widely used, the largest amount of a kind of plastic packaging film, about the plastic packaging film consumption of more than 40%.

Due to the lack of polar groups in the molecules of lldpe stretch film, high crystallinity and low surface free energy, the lldpe stretch film has poor printing performance and poor adhesion to inks and adhesives, so surface treatment is needed before printing and compounding.

Stretch film also has good heat sealing properties. Generally, the inner layer of meat packaging is a cooking level stretch film. The thickness of the cooking level stretch film is generally between 20 and 30micron, capable of cooking at a high temperature of 130℃ and 20 min, with good oil resistance, good air tightness and high heat sealing strength.

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