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Biodegradable film

PLA/PBS Biodegradable film

polylactic acid and polybutylene succinate biodegradable film,it is based on aliphatic polyesters,these plastic filmS are biodegradable under compost condition and have excellent comprehensive properties.complying with international standards EN13432,ASTMD6400,over 99% biodegradation within 90days under compost conditions.under the usual conditions,the film can be used and stored for more than 1 year,much longer than the thermoplatic starch film

Degradable film is generally divided into four categories:

Biodegradable film under the action of microorganisms can be completely decomposed into low molecular weight compounds of plastic. It features convenient storage and transportation, as long as they dry, no dark, wide range of applications, not only can be used for agricultural film, bags, and is widely used in medicine.

Photodegradation mixed with plastic film in the plastic photosensitizer, in the gradual decomposition of the plastic under the sunshine. It is a biodegradable plastic earlier 
Generation of degradable plastics, the drawback is the degradation time due to sunlight and climate change are difficult to predict, and therefore can not control the degradation time.

Light / light degradation and microbial biodegradable combination of a class of biodegradable film, it also has the characteristics of light and microbial degradation of plastics.

Degradable plastics in the plastic water absorbent material to add, discard after use that can dissolve in water, mainly for medical or sanitary aspects (such as medical gloves), to facilitate the destruction and disinfection. With the development of modern biotechnology, bio-degradable plastics more and more attention, research and development has become a new generation of hot spots. All kinds of plastic products has greatly enriched the lives of people, but the decomposition of waste plastic in nature very slow, complete decomposition take decades, even centuries, and thus the degradation and re-use of plastic was placed in the current issue of all environmental chemist before.


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