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  • casting black lldpe stretch film

casting black lldpe stretch film

  • 1. Hand roll stretch film: this kind of hand roll stretch film is mainly packaged by hand. Generally, hand roll stretch film has a low quality requirement.

    2.Machine roll stretch film: machine roll stretch film adopts mechanical packaging method, which mainly relies on the movement of goods to drive the mold roll for packaging. The tensile strength of the stretch film is required to be high, and the film stretch rate is also required. The general stretch rate is 300%, and the roll weight of the product is 15KG.

    3.machine use the pre-tension machine roll stretch film: this kind of wrap film is mainly used with machinery, packaging, packaging packaging machinery to stretch film tensile onto a certain proportion and then will stretch film winding in need on the packaging of goods, by stretch film of resilience will be tight goods packaging, high product quality requirements, has the very high tensile strength, elongation and puncture resistance;

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1. Hand roll stretch film: this kind of hand roll stretch film is mainly packaged by hand. Generally, hand roll stretch film has a low quality requirement.

2.Machine roll stretch film: machine roll stretch film adopts mechanical packaging method, which mainly relies on the movement of goods to drive the mold roll for packaging. The tensile strength of the stretch film is required to be high, and the film stretch rate is also required. The general stretch rate is 300%, and the roll weight of the product is 15KG.

3.machine use the pre-tension machine roll stretch film: this kind of wrap film is mainly used with machinery, packaging, packaging packaging machinery to stretch film tensile onto a certain proportion and then will stretch film winding in need on the packaging of goods, by stretch film of resilience will be tight goods packaging, high product quality requirements, has the very high tensile strength, elongation and puncture resistance;

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