stretch film

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stretch film

  • Machine stretch film  with the use of automated packaging can be realized for a larger amount, with frequent or high degree of automation units. Machine with a film requires a high tensile strength and higher cost, divided into common type (block stretch film) and pre-stretch film. Machine with stretch film has the following characteristics:

        Use of goods produced by its own gravity, with resistance to rotation of the machine chassis bind tightly to achieve the purpose of the object;

        Packaging machine operation, a single volume weight 10-18 kg, according to the weight of a single volume customer production requirements;

        Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion;

        Performance can be tensile strength, 300% pre-stretch rate can save materials;


        Puncture resistance, tear resistance and strong, to ensure that there are sharp in the case of thin films of goods will not be pierced;

        Reliable self-adhesive energy;

        Contraction lasting memory;

         Transparency, will help identify the goods;

         High yield point to packaged goods more fastening

      Machine with stretch film (LLDPE) products used specifications:

      (1) 450mm (width) × 0.025mm (thickness)

      (2) 500mm (width) × 0.025mm (thickness)

      (3) length:1000m to 3000m per roll

      (4)weight:10kg to 25kg per roll


          pallet stretch film

            (machine roll)

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stretch film (machine roll)

weight: 10kgs-25kgs





min order:500kgs

payment:T/T or L/C at sight

delivery:15-20days for 1x20'fcl


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