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  • ​Casting transparetnt stretch film

​Casting transparetnt stretch film

  • Casting transparetnt stretch film has the advantages of superior double-sided self-adhesive, non-toxic and tasteless, good safety, easy to use, high efficiency, tensile resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance and strong anti-shock resistance, etc. Casting transparetnt stretch film has fast shrinkage at low temperature and good sealing at high temperature. , the stretch film general tensile rate is required to be 300%, the roll weight of the product is 15KG, so as to achieve dustproof, oil-proof, water-proof, pressure-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-theft, anti-loose drop, the strong winding force and retraction of the stretch film, the compact and fixed product into a pallet, make scattered small pieces into a pallet.

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Casting transparetnt stretch film has the advantages of superior double-sided self-adhesive, non-toxic and tasteless, good safety, easy to use, high efficiency, tensile resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance and strong anti-shock resistance, etc. Casting transparetnt stretch film has fast shrinkage at low temperature and good sealing at high temperature. , the stretch film general tensile rate is required to be 300%, the roll weight of the product is 15KG, so as to achieve dustproof, oil-proof, water-proof, pressure-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-theft, anti-loose drop, the strong winding force and retraction of the stretch film, the compact and fixed product into a pallet, make scattered small pieces into a pallet.

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