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stretch film

  • Hand stretch film or stretch film ( LLDPE ), also known as flexible film or wrapping film, with self-adhesive, is a single-sided (salivation) or double (blow) sticky, and can bind tightly stretched plastic film was wrapped items, and self-adhesive bag items will not be attached to the surface, only exists in the membrane and the membrane surface. In the packaging process does not require heat shrink process, help save energy and reduce packaging costs, ease of container transport, to improve logistics efficiency. Pallet truck combined with the "set of all loading and unloading" method to reduce transportation costs, while transparency is also easy to identify the package goods, reduce delivery errors.

    Hand stretch film has the following characteristics:

         By hand packing, a single volume weight 3-5 kg, easy manual operation.

        Performance can be tensile strength, 300% pre-stretch rate can save materials;

        Puncture resistance, tear resistance and strong, to ensure that there are sharp in the case of thin films of goods will not be pierced;

        Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion;

        Contraction lasting memory;

        Reliable self-adhesive energy;

        Transparency, will help identify the goods;

       High yield point to packaged goods more fastening;

    Hand Stretch Film Product Specification:

      (1) 450mm (width) × 0.025mm (thickness)

      (2) 500mm (width) × 0.025mm (thickness)

      (3) length:200m to 700m per roll

      (4)weight:2.5kg to 5kg per roll


           stretch film

           (hand roll)

  • Online orders

black stretch film (hand roll)

weight: 2.5kgs-5kgs





min order:500kgs

payment:T/T or L/C at sight

delivery:15-20days for 1x20'fcl

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