which one is good about stretch film manufacturer ?

which one is good about stretch film manufacturer 

As you all know, there are a lot of manufacturers of China stretch film, and the products they produce are also various. But most customers choose with great doubts, so you can try to know our company: JINING HONGXIANG PACKING MATERIAL CO.,LTD. PE stretch film is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of stretchfilm, PE stretchfilm, stretch film hand roll, stretch film machine roll, stretch film color stretch film, black stretch film, stretch film translate stretch film of various sizes and types Stretch film is a professional manufacturer of stretch film. Our stretch films has the characteristics of good stretch performance, good toughness, great tear resistance, strong penetration resistance, high transparency, high gloss, good self-viscosity and high shrinkage, tight packaging, not loose and so on. Pure PE materials, never add raw materials. The stretch rate of membrane is 350-400% by hand and 400-500% by machine. Widely used in electronics, ceramics, building materials, mechanical and electrical products such as single or pallet packaging strapping packaging.