Chinese stetch film manufacturer explains the color matching method of stetch film

Chinese stetch film manufacturer explains the color matching method of stetch film

Explanation from Chinese stetch film manufacturer: stetch film is made up of many colors, and different USES are accustomed to different colors. Therefore, color matching technology is an important process in the production of stetch film. Then, I will introduce the color matching method of stetch film in detail:

1, visual color: stetch experienced color film, before color matching, what he needs is called for colorants have a relatively clear concept, to grasp the general rule of colorants in the mixture of coloring, but also on the performance of the colorant used have a clear understanding, but also accumulated a lot of representative of all kinds of plastic, visual color matching method is a good method of trial and error, but not very scientific, and therefore only works with simple color, but also requires operators have rich experience in color matching, otherwise it will be difficult to operate.

2. Instrument color matching: Using instruments to stretch film for color matching method, is also out of the process of visual color details in a kind of method, this method is to use spectrophotometer and other measuring instrument instead of the human eye and brain function, color proportion of trial and error process is also done through computer simulation, without the need for stetch dye the actual mix of qualities, and operating face also only need to measure reflectance, its standard value, and select open with color pigments, through adjusting the concentration of the color pigments, make the conversion of the measurement system with the standard values are consistent, If the operator chooses reasonably, the system outputs a formula in the form of a quality score, which is then converted into a quality ratio.

The above is the detailed introduction of the color matching method of stretch film, and I think you have some understanding of it. Want to know more about this knowledge, welcome to pay attention to this site!