The core competitiveness of stretch film industry has become the development of stretch film manufacturer

The core competitiveness of stretch film industry has become the development of stretch film manufacturer

1. Independent technology is widely valued

2. Increasing investment in research and development

3. Stretch film manufacturers' equipment and technology keep updating to occupy the mainstream

4. Plastic machinery enterprises are optimistic about the export market

The shortage of talents is uneven

Stretch film quality, product innovation and market expansion are the keys to a company's development

7. The status of industry standards is gradually getting better

8. Stretch film keeps growing

9. The prospect of energy conservation and environmental protection is limited and optimistic, so the industry needs to pay attention to it

In the next few years, stretch film market is generally optimistic. Stretch film consumption enjoys rapid growth and the cost pressure becomes greater. Stretch film raw material supply increases, limited profit growth; There is a big market demand for stretch film mechanical equipment and the price competition is fierce.

1. Stretch film manufacturers should strengthen extensive communication in the industry and industrial chain, focus on cost, resource and market optimization from the perspective of the entire industrial chain, and reduce disorderly competition in the industry. Guide the development of the industry and correct the misunderstanding of the society on stretch film application.

2. Develop towards scale and intensification. Stretch film manufacturers are planned to develop, and control the development of small businesses and high-polluting enterprises. Establishing market access systems for some industries, such as building materials, packaging, agriculture, etc.

As a high-tech product, stretch film has a broader prospect in the future and a larger market demand. But environmental protection needs to be handled with special caution, otherwise it will restrict the development of the industry.

4. Stretch film company increases its r&d efforts on technology. Increase research and development investment, establish a brand. I hope I can compete with foreign companies in technology, actively develop high-end market and expand new application fields.

5. Cultivate more plastics professionals. Strengthen r & d, development, marketing personnel training.

6. Strengthen the standard construction of stretch film industry. National and industrial standards should be improved.

Facing the huge cost pressure, stretch film manufacturers should actively grasp and do a good job in energy saving and consumption reduction.

8. Strengthen after-sales service work of stretch film industry.

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