JINING HONGXIANG Stretch film is preferred by Stretch film manufacturers

JINING HONGXIANG Stretch film is preferred by Stretch film manufacturers

With the expansion of the scope of introduction and the continuous progress of equipment deployment of production enterprises' own foundation, it provides a reliable guarantee for the continuous perfection and maturity of PE stretch film. In particular, the effect of PE stretch film tends to be more satisfactory, to the active, intelligent growth. PEStretch film has excellent tensile strength; Over 300% vertical and horizontal elongation, puncture resistance; Good tear resistance, high self - adhesive, strong tensile strength; As a result, the object can be wrapped into a whole, stop goods in transport scattered, collapse.

At present, the domestic overall PE Stretch film is in short supply and the overall level needs to be improved. China PE Stretch film market is huge, but the malignant price competition has emerged, production, sales in the process of regardless of product quality, performance, service life, etc., and hard on price, there has been a serious vicious competition, greatly hindered the high performance, high levels of PE tretch film membrane technology development, to Stretch an adverse effect on the development of the film market. Although the current market of PE stretch film is not quite standardized, it is believed that PE stretch film will be widely used in the packaging industry in the future packaging market.

PE stretch film is at room temperature, the use of mechanical stretching device or manual film forced stretch produced by the deformation stress, the goods wrapped tightly, easy to transport, storage of a kind of packaging. Generally speaking, PE stretch film is strong and tough, with high impact resistance and penetration strength, good self-viscosity, transparent, and does not expand the volume of goods after packaging. It is shockproof, moisture-proof and strong protective. It is a very popular packaging form in the world. PE stretch film is widely used to wrap food, tobacco, drugs and other products. Stretch film has a wide variety of types and different functions. The packaging equipment that USES flexible packaging to wrap all or part of the package products is collectively referred to as wrapping bag

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